A message for you.

Always thankful

Dear all,

We (Pin & Wendy) are always grateful to have each other on this extraordinary journey. Two Curiously was started in 2017, with an official presence in the market by 2018. Since then, we have never stopped appearing in this industry. Created numerous collections, never stopped evolving, and experiencing a new us throughout these years. 

We started as nobody.

Only one day, we overheard someone walking past our booth at SOTA, pointing at our logo and saying, 'Oh, that's the brand!' We will never forget that day.

We have become somebody.

Eventually, we rented a studio and started classes for jewellery making. We even have a sister brand: @pawpawminutiae, another space for our creation.

New Chapter

It was never easy with the evolving and new us throughout this journey. But as we received your support and encouragement, we always managed to pick ourselves up from all the mess. 

We stumped. 
We fall.
We cried. 
We smiled in the end.

However, it is time for us to move on and alight from this adventurous roller coaster journey. There's no hard feeling but plenty of love and joy.

We have learned and grown up from this. We wish to bring what we have experienced to the next chapter in our individual life. 


Never a Goodbye

It's never goodbye but a new 'Hello' from us personally with a whole heart.

We are thankful to have all these opportunities and memories with you (supporters, customers and makers). Yes! You might be surprised that we remembered almost everyone. 

Right now, we will let go of all our creations at a price everyone can afford to keep as memories—our last memories for you. 

We hope you will still support us regardless of where we are and which part of our world. So say Hi to us on the street if you ever see us again. 

We may do a final open studio farewell party before we are officially offline from here. (TBC). 

Forever loved by Pin & Wendy

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