Video: Making progress of Snow Time Earrings (with JoBeauty Project)

We spend most of our time designing and figuring out how to make the earrings.

One of the method that we used is 3D technology. Some of you may be familiar with it. The one that we are using now, you can see the nature fine lines that are created by the printer. (So please don't feel that we sell you the low quality earrings.)

JoBeauty Project flew all the way here to find us and created this short video which allows our customers to have a better understanding on us, as well as sharing the beauty of handmade products and classic music. 

Hope you enjoy the short video.


Snow Time Drop Earrings& 
Prelude in G-Sharp Minor, Op. 32, No. 12 (Sergey Rachmaninov)
・Making|Two Curiously
・Music|Wakana Takahashi(A charity recital in Sendai, Japan)
・Filming|Yuki Tsukuda

スノータイム ドロップイヤリング&
前奏曲 嬰ト短調 Op. 32, No. 12(セルゲイ・ラフマニノフ)
・制作 | Two Curiously
・音楽 | 高橋 若菜(東日本大震災チャリティーコンサート)
・撮影 | 佃 優希

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