Sundae Second Edition - Be Our Designer Kit

Our first edition was well-liked by a lot of you so we decided to launch a second edition in a different way!

You, will be our designer for this collection. 

We will be providing a Designer Kit which you can use to activate your creative juice! Not only that, but five of the lucky ones will also walk away with one pair of FREE earrings from this collection.

How does this work?

1. Simply go to our listing: here, to download or request a hardcopy to be mailed to you. Everything is free. 
2. After downloading or receiving, you can start cutting out the parts that you like and pair them together.
3. Once you are ready with your design, you can place it on the background that we provided and take a photo of it.
4. Share it on your Insta Story by tagging us (@twocuriously) and the name of your design.

We will compile all the designs, and pick our favourite Top 10. The public will make the final decision for the Top five.

The chosen five designs will be made and the original designers will receive a pair of their works. 

The whole purpose of this campaign is for us to find a way to have a fun interaction with you guys and staying positive at this period. We will love to see you guys having fun with it! And, hoping we may have a real workshop in the future with you! 


Please note the Designer kit is available from now till 4 April 2020. The compiling of designs will be closed by 13 April 2020. Voting will start after that. 


Each person entitled to submit one entry. No multiple submission for one person. 

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