Magical Autumn 秋日魔法 (preorder)

Take a journey to our wonderland in this magical Autumn. Bring out every short story that you can imagine.

A little rabbit enjoys her time in this magical garden. She is hoping that she can spend every single minute before the flowers are completely gone. Hop around the garden from day to night for that last moment. 

A young and playful fox decided to venture out for a new adventure. He was hoping to find that mystery glittering green forest to settle. Will he find his way there?

Nothing can make this little squirrel as happy as this moment: his precious acorns. It's a perfect season, perfect weather, and perfect harvest. 

Three main sub-themes:

  • Garden Party (with Rabbit and black theme)
  • Forest Adventure (with Fox and green theme)
  • Golden Harvest (with Squirrel and peach theme)

Preorder period: one week

Waiting period: two weeks upon purchased date (excluding shipping date)




■白兔x花園派對 優雅可愛
*古典黑和透明底色 兩款

■狐狸x森林探險 成熟魅力
*金松綠和透明底色 兩款

■松鼠x金野豐收 #活潑夢幻
*柔桃色和透明底色 兩款