Loyalty Programs

Two Curiously Loyalty Program - Curious Stars System

This is a rewarding system for all our customers who used our website for purchases (from Two Curiously and Paw Paw Minutiae)

Earn our Curious Stars now and unlock exciting perks.

Ways to earn

  • New Member Signup rewards with 50 Curious Stars.
  • Every $1 spent earns 2 Curious Stars.
  • And you are rewarded with 200 Curious Stars on your birthday!

Ways to redeem

  • Exchange 40 Curious Stars for $1 off
  • Exchange 200 Curious Stars for $6 off
  • Exchange 360 Curious Stars for $10 off
  • Free Shipping (for Singapore addresses only) = 120 Curious Stars

Every few months, the type of rewards may change or adjust according to our promotions.

Two Curiously Loyalty Program - Paw Paw Pass

This is an exclusive loyalty system to record all the pet kids who made their creation (Mini Animal Vase) with us. 

All the animals are given a digital Pass* with simple details of them.

Every new creation they have made with us, they will collect one stamp on the card. Once they have completed all the six stamps, they will get their very own special customised item! 

* The shareable link for Paw Paw Pass will only provided upon request.