Paw Paw Minutiae - About Us

Pawpaw (adjective.)
[/pɔː/- p(in)-a(nd)-w(endy)]
A form of way to represent our two witty and lovable creators, Pin and Wendy.

Minutiae (noun.)
The small and precise details are often seen as not important but they create a subtle uniqueness to every living thing's existence.

Paw Paw Minutiae is here to be part of your heartfelt life journey by listening, making, and sharing these unique details from every Pawrents! 

We are a fun creative studio based on a sunny island which is in Singapore! You will be surprised at what we can do for you!

We pledge to recreate your pet(s) in our own way.
You, provide wonderful stories and details to us.
We, illustrate and make these memorable memories into product(s) for you and your pet(s).

We have an interesting system: every pet that has ordered with us is registered in our Pawpaw Minutiae Library. Each will be given a unique ID from us as a loyalty program. (More information here)


Pets create extraordinarily irreplaceable life journeys which allow us to learn to love and have a better realization of relationships in life. Not just only between humans but with other species.

Some may question for raising one while others may get envy for having a partner in crime.

Regardless of which spectrum you are in, we are building a cozy community on our platform for you to share your stories! Be with us! 

You may not realise why and how do you know your pet(s) so well, with a back of the hand. Slow down, you will notice those finer details that may seem insignificant at times have characterizes the relationship among both of you.

Capture those moments in any form of way.