Paw Paw Minutiae - Brand Story

Minutiae (noun.)
The small and precise details are often seen as not important but they create a subtle uniqueness to every living thing's existence.

Your cat may look like any other orange, black or white cat.
Or, your dog may look like a copy of the same breed.
Or, your rabbit, hamster, fish, and so on.
But you know yours with a back of the hand.

Some may question for raising one while others may get envy for having a partner in crime.

Regardless of which spectrum you are in, you are blessed with a unique and full of surprises life journey that is irreplaceable.

Because of it, you learned to love.
Because of it, you have a better realization of relationships in life; not just humans but with other species.

Therefore, Paw Paw Minutiae will love to be part of your heartfelt life journey by listening, making, and sharing these unique details from every mom and dad.

Let's create this moment with us and your pets.